"Vision without execution
is hallucination" Thomas Edison

The group has co-founded and is managing several institutional asset management strategies with a focus on:


Liquid Investments

Rausch Partners has co-founded and is co-managing Crown Fund SICAV-RAIF S.C.A (“Crown”), a Luxembourg based institutional special situations fund strategy with focus on special equity, debt situations and options trading.


Real Estate

Investor in several successful German public real estate situations with successful exits. Several hotel real estate investments through Crown Fund SICAV-RAIF S.C.A. including June Stay Garda Lake.

Rausch Partners has co-founded and is co-managing ECHO Partners, an asset management platform with a dedicated focus on Continental European hotels in A-cities/A-locations. ECHO Partners has established and is advising the EUR 152MM Luxembourg fund ECHO SCSp.


Private Investments

Co-founder and manager of Crown Fund SICAV-RAIF S.C.A (“Crown”) with currently 8 private equity and debt investments.
Recent investments include a stake in German hospitality platform PRIMESTAR, German online Ecommerce group EKOMI and Swiss/German 3D printing company Laxxon Medical.

The group is investing in majority and minority stakes of scalable corporates through flexible capital with a view to institutionalize the business.